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CARE Light Curtain

Courion, the company known for innovation in the freight elevator door industry, introduces the next generation of freight elevator door protection – The Courion Automatic Reversing Edge System (C.A.R.E.).

  • Non-Contact Light Curtain. 35 infra-red non-focused beams fill the opening from floor to a height of approximately 6′ (1866 mm)
  • Cost Effective. Reduces damage to freight doors normally caused by freight movement.
  • Easy to install. Power supply mounts directly on car enclosure canopy while edges mount between the gate equipment and running clearance of the car. See Courion’s easy to follow CARE Light Curtain Installation Instructions
  • Retrofitable. Can be added to almost any existing freight door system including Courion, Security Fire Door, Harris Preble and Guilbert.

CARE Light Curtain Specification

CARE Light Curtains
CARE-C Transmitter & Receiver Edges


CARE-C Transmitter & Receiver Edges

6′-0″ (1866mm) tall

Includes: (1) Power Supply, (1) Transmitter Cable – 16′, (1) Receiver Cable – 16′, and (1 Pair) CARE-C Light Curtain Edges.

CARE-C Power Supply


CARE-C Power Supply

CARE-C Transmitter Cable


CARE-C Transmitter Cable – 16′ White
CARE-C Transmitter Cable – 16′ Blue
CARE-C Transmitter Cable Extension – 10′ White
CARE-C Transmitter Cable Extension – 10′ Blue
CARE-C Transmitter – 84″
CARE-C Receiver – 84″
CARE-C Vision Shield Lens