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COURION's NEXT Generation of Freight Door Systems

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Freight Door Equipment


iLEARN Door Control

iLEARN Door Control

iLEARN Door Control

SMALL - The iLEARN Door Control is so small that it will fit inside your elevator control cabinet.

SMART - The iLEARN Door Control automatically sets up and adjusts your doors with every cycle.

MEMORY - The iLEARN Door Control collects and records operational data that can be viewed on the easy to read display or downloaded via a USB port.

The iLEARN Door Control is the most technologically advanced freight door control available in today's market.



SOLID-STATE - Courion's iSENSORs are solid-state door positioning devices with no moving parts. There is nothing to break and nothing to adjust.

GRIME PROOF - iSENSORs are immune to dust, oil, grease, dirt, mud, and water.

FACTORY INSTALLED - iSENSORs are factory installed. All you have to do is plug them in and let the NEXT Generation System do the rest.

Courion's iSENSORs utilize state-of-the-art hall effect technology to reliably determine the exact position of your hoistway doors.


iDRIVE VFD Motor Control

SMOOTH - No more slamming freight doors! Courion now offers a Door and Car Gate Controller that takes advantage of Variable Frequency Drive technology.

SELF-ADJUSTING - The iDRIVE makes adjustments with every cycle of your hoistway doors and car gate to insure their proper operation every time.

LOCAL - All other system provide motor control that is based on hoistway averages. Because there is an iDRIVE at every floor, COURION's motor control is specific to each opening.

EASY DIAGNOSTICS - The iDRIVE is equipped with LED indicators that provide immediate feedback to the elevator mechanic.


CANBus System

HUGE SAVINGS - Courion now offers a 2-Wire CANBus System that "Speaks" and "Listens" to all of your Courion hoistway components. This new wiring package substantially reduces installation time and makes troubleshooting a breeze.

NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE - Best of all, COURION's NEXT Generation Freight Door System, including hoistway wiring, is offered to you at no additional charge.

66 Wires to 2 - The iWIRE CANBus System reduces your hoistway wiring from 66 wires to 2.


Dumbwaiter Systems

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COURION re-engineers its entire Cart Lift System

Click here for more information about COURION's new Cart-Lift System



Dumbwaiter Operator Image

No More MAGNE-GRIP Operators!

Courion has eliminated the Magne-Grip Operator and replaced it with individual Door and Gate Operators that can be retrofitted on any existing Cart Lift System.

The Power To Move


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